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Still Home for the Holidays

Check out this recent article published about one of our residents

DarrelDarell sits in his apartment at Clackamas View Senior Living. His glasses just off the bridge of his nose match the blue suspenders that lay over his white shirt. The sun shines through the window sill as he glances over a book about Psalm 23.

Growing up in north Portland, Darell was always surrounded by his family. He went to high school and played football and eventually found his way to be a longshore foreman. He built rich relationships wherever life took him, and his most meaningful relationship came when he was introduced to his wife, Rebecca.

Darell and Rebecca continued to live in Portland and raise children. The two were married for 44 years.

Upon Rebecca’s passing – Darell was concerned that he was going to be lonely. He has children that love him, but having the love of his life leave the earth before he did was devastating and not what he thought he would have to face.

“Losing her was the hardest thing,” Darell said, rubbing the spine of his book. “But just because she’s gone, doesn’t mean I have to feel alone. I’m never alone, I have the Lord and my friends here.”

Like Darell, many seniors can feel alone all year round and during the holiday season. However, loneliness does not have to be a running narrative in the life of a senior.

Through living in communities, seniors are introduced to others who are in a similar walk of life, they are taken care of by a staff of people who are trained to tend to their physical and emotional needs, and are encouraged to engage in activities throughout the community each day.

No one desires to live in a state of loneliness. At Clackamas View Senior Living, each resident is valued and part of the family. Old traditions are honored, and new are built as the residents, staff and family members are engaged in day to day life with each other.

“I haven’t felt lonely since I’ve been here,” Darell says, now closing his book. “I’m happy. I lived a full life, and I still do.”

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Call (503) 659-2325 for a complete listing of all happenings at Clackamas View Senior Living.

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